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Drag and Drop Bookmark Links

Edit, Drag & Drop

Easily manage and arrange your links with our drag and drop interface. Move your icons, lists, and even drag links from one list to another.

Touch Friendly

Use your touch device to drag and drop your favorite links and organize bookmarks.

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Create To Do Lists - Organize Your Tasks!

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Create Shopping Lists

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Manage Multiple Lists

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Save time by having all your favorite bookmarks available to you whenever you open any of your browsers.



Your links are on the cloud, so you can access them wherever you have internet access.

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Get Organized

Organize your online bookmarks, and you'll only be one click away from your favorite links.

A Place For Your Temporary Links As Well

Sometimes you just want to go back to a website you found, but not keep it forever. We have a place for you to store your temporary links so you can easily visit them again, without having it show up on your homepage.

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One Homepage, Many Devices

Set your browser's homepage (to your homepage on Homepage Ninja) and you'll have all the sites you love on all your devices.



Have your bookmarks in one centralized place online. No more typing in URLs and links or forgetting where they are.

World Wide Web


Customize your website links as icons, text, and lists.

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