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Why Homepage Ninja?

Why was Homepage Ninja developed and what problems does it aim to solve?

#1 - Too Many Browsers on Too Many Devices

I own multiple devices that use different operating systems and different web browsers. On my Android Phone, I like to use the Android web brower. On my Windows computer, I like to use Chrome, Firefox, and sometimes Microsoft Edge. On my iPad, I like to use Safari. Etc, etc, etc.

Some of these web browsers can sync my bookmarks and frequently visited websites, but that is assuming I use the same web browser on each device. That's a big BUT! Well, I don't use the same browser on every device because certain browsers just work better on certain devices. Also, some browsers are not available on some devices and some devices are exclusive to one browser.

What if I could just have one centralized page where all my browsers could point to instead? That's where Homepage Ninja comes in. It's your personal homepage where you can put all your favorite and frequently visted links and have all your different web browsers open that page on startup. So, now all your different browsers on all your different devices will point to the same homepage.

Ok, so I did some research online to see if there are other website that can do this...and there are. However, many of them are limited to just links with icons or just links with text. Many of them are too simple (and ugly) or way too complex and confusing. A lot of them are not responsive, so they look really bad on my phone and tablet. Homepage Ninja aims to solve these problems by giving you flexibility and simplicity in managing your links. Bottom line: You save time! And, it's super convenient!

#2 - Tired of Typing in the Same Link Over and Over and Over

I can type really fast, so I usually just type in my links. Even if I have them in my bookmarks, it's faster for me to type them in than to click, scroll, and click on my bookmark. I noticed that I'm always typing in the same links over and over. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to organize everything in one place? (Ah-hem, Homepage Ninja ^_^).

#3 - I Would Forget Some of My Favorite Links

Yep, I'd forget them. Eventually I would remember them again, but it would easier if I had a list of links I visit all the time. They don't have to be all my bookmarks; Just the ones I visit frequently. We all have a list of websites we visit daily, weekly, or monthly. So, it just made sense to have a website where all of those links would be accessible.

That's about it. Feel free to tell us why you joined Homepage Ninja. Have a nice day!