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How To Change Your Internet Explorer Default Homepage

This tutorial will teach you how to update your Internet Explorer web browser so that it can open your own homepage when you open the browser. We suggest using a bookmark manager such as the one found on this website so you can easily manage and organize your favorite links.

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer and Click on the Gears Icon in the Upper Right

Open your Internet Explorer browser and click on the icon that looks like a gear. It's in the upper right hand corner of the browser window, under the close window button.

Click on gears icon

Step 2: Select "Internet options" in the Settings Menu

When you click the gears icon, a menu will drop down. Select the "Internet options" menu item. It is the 2nd from the bottom. This will open up your internet options menu for Internet Explorer.

Internet Options

Step 3: Under the Startup Section, Select the Start with Home Page Option

In the Internet Options window, there are options for your home page and startup. Under "Startup", select the "Start with home page" option. This will update Internet Explorer so that it will open up a web page (i.e. your homepage) when you open Internet Explorer.

Start with home page

Step 4: Type in Your Home Page

Under the "Home page" section of the Internet Options window, there will be a text box where you can type in and manage your web addresses and URLs. Type in your homepage address. This will be your homepage that you want to see when Internet Explorer opens.

Type in your home page

NOTE Since we use this website to organize and manage our bookmarks, we have used our page here as our homepage.

Step 5: Click OK

Click "OK" to close the Internet Options menu and get back to the Internet Explorer web browser.

Click OK

Step 6: Close Internet Explorer

Click on the close button to close your Internet Explorer browser. This will close any other tabs you have open, so make sure you are ready to close your browser.

Close Internet Explorer

NOTE We need to close your browser so we can open it up again and test that your homepage is set.

Step 7: Open IE and Check That Your Homepage Was Updated in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and you should see the homepage you set earlier. If you are using your Homepage Ninja to manage your bookmarks, you may be asked to log in depending on your privacy settings.

Check Your Homepage Ninja Page

NOTE In our example, our Homepage Ninja homepage is public, so we can see our homepage whether or not we are logged in.