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How To Use a Custom Homepage with the Opera Web Browser

Learn how to change your Opera homepage to show your own website, homepage, or Homepage Ninja page when you start Opera.

Step 1: Open Opera and Click on the Opera Logo in the Top Left Corner

Open your Opera web browser and click on the Opera logo/icon in the top left corner of the browser. This will bring up the options menu.

Click Opera Icon

Step 2: Select Settings in the Option Menu

Once the menu is opened, select "Settings". This will open the settings page whee you can put in your homepage preferences.

Select Settings

Step 3: Under "On startup", Click on "Set pages"

In the settings, there is a section called "On startup". Under that section, you can choose to "Open a specific page or set of pages". Next to that is the "Set pages" link. Click on that link to set your homepage page.

Click Set Pages

NOTE Alternatively, you can also select the "Open a specific page or set of pages" option and then click on the "Set pages" link. It shouldn't make any difference since that option should be automatically selected for you after you set your homepage.

Step 4: Type in Your Homepage Ninja Page or Another Homepage

Type in your homepage web address (i.e. URL) as your startup page. This is next to the "Add a new page" text. Once you are done, click on "OK". If you were already viewing your homepage before going into settings, you can click on the "Use current page" to get the address/URL of your homepage.

Set your homepage

NOTE You can add other startup pages and home pages. This will open up in other tabs when you open your Opera browser.

Step 5: Confirm Selection and Close Your Opera Browser

Confirm that "Open a specific page or set of pages" is selected, and close your browser. Your homepage settings should be saved. When you open Opera the next time, your homepage should be displayed.

Close Opera browser

Step 6: Open Opera and Confirm Homepage Changes Were Applied

Open your Opera web browser and confirm that your homepage is being opened when you open Opera.

Confirm Homepage Changes