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How to Set Your Homepage on the SlimBrowser Browser

This article will show you how to change your custom homepage on SlimBrowser, so when you open your browser, it will go to your homepage. We will also show you how to update the settings so that the browser will go to your homepage when you open a new tab.

Step 1: Open SlimBrowser and Click on Tools

Open your SlimBrowser and click on the tools menu option that is on the menu bar.

Open Browser, Click Tools

Step 2: Select Options in the Tools Menu

After you click on "Tools", you will see a drop down menu with multiple items. Click on the "Options..." item to go to the browser's options settings.

Select Options

Step 3: Select Home Page Options

Once the options window pops up, you'll see a menu on the left. Select the "Home Page" option.

Select Home Page Options

Step 4: Update Homepage Options by Typing In Your Homepage Url

In the Home Page options, you will be able to type in your homepage link/URL. You can specify multiple home pages by typing in each homepage link/URL on a separate line. Also, make sure you have the "Open home page at startup" option selected/checked.

Homepage Options

Step 5: Confirm Homepage Was Set

Confirm that you have typed in the correct home page web address. In this example, we are going to open up our homepage on the Homepage Ninja website when the browser opens.

Confirm Homepage Set

Step 6: Close SlimBrowser and Open it Up Again

Close SlimBrowser and then open SlimBrowser up again. This is to make sure our settings are working. Since we set our homepage to our page on Homepage Ninja, we see our homepage when we open up the browser. This confirms that the homepage has been changed on your browser.

Opened Browser Goes To Homepage

NOTE The homepage will open when you open SlimBrowser. However, it will not open your homepage when you open a new tab. We will cover how to do this next.

Step 7: Homepage is Set, but it Doesn't Open On New Tab

We have set the browser to open up your homepage when SlimBrowser is opened, but it currently won't open your homepage when you open a new tab. To do this, we need to go back to the options menu by clicking on "Tools" and then "Options".

New Tab Homepage

NOTE Click on the top menu and select "Tools", then "Options"

Step 8: Select the "New Tab" Option in the Left Menu

Once you have the options window open, select the "New Tab" option in the left menu. This will let you set your new tab to open up your homepage.

New Tab Options

Step 9: Select the Page to Be Displayed When Opening a New Tab

In the New Tab options, you'll see a drop down menu on the right. This will let you select what page to show when you open a new tab. You can select a blank page, your home page, or the tabs page. Select "Home page" so that your homepage will show when you open a new tab.

Select New Tab Dropdown

Step 10: Confirm New Tab Settings

Confirm your new tab settings and that it will go to your home page.

Confirm New Tab Settings

Step 11: Open a New Tab to Test Your Settings

Now you can open a new tab to see that it goes to your homepage that you typed in in the previous steps.

Opened New Tab Goes to Homepage